Connectivity with no boundaries

Stay safe with flawless
end to end encryption

Combonet connectivity is the safest way to keep your
global data private when working remotely, even
when connected to a public network.

Global Security

Combonet secures with attack detection, firewall signalling and DDoS rule management.

Simple, Secure Access

Empower employees to work from anywhere, on laptops or mobile devices, at any time.

Private IP Backbone

Combonet's VPN global network
is not directly accessible from
the public internet.


Meaningful security

to protect your business

When physical distance makes it impractical to maintain direct network connections, your offsite assets and employees can remain connected safely with Combonet’s Wireless Broadband Anywhere service. Its end to end encryption solution keeps data secure between a sender’s device and the recipient’s device.

This sophisticated solution incorporates high levels of encryption with additional measures including authentication, and secure downloading with device-initiated communications to prevent unauthorised control. For even greater security, Combonet offers a Virtual Private Network (VPN) service that provides a secure tunnel through the internet.

Due to the built-in security, there is no possibility of hacking or unwanted eavesdropping.

Alternatively, an employee, working remotely will need to connect to their company's restricted applications. Combonet VPN technology uses robust solutions to authenticate the user or device and keep data safe.

// Always a seamless customer experience

Built-In Artificial Intelligence

To Monitor, Respond,
And Reroute

Combonet’s distributed server architecure is AAA carrier grade. This stands for authentication, authorisation and accounting; a security framework that controls access to computer resources, enforces policies, and audits usage.

Our cutting edge infrastructure uses artificial intelligence to continually monitor services to guarantee a consistently high customer experience. This innovative solution recognises when your service is weakened and instantly seeks the ultimate reroute to keep you connected.

The Combonet Cloud Management Platform provides a unified view enabling you to manage all of your subscriber SIMs with ease.

// Guaranteeing your privacy

Robust practices and processes

to ensure your data is protected

Combonet is committed to protect all personal and sensitive data. To demonstrate this commitment and respect, the Entropia Group that includes Combonet and ComBus has been awarded the ISO 27001 certificate.

We follow all recommended information security practices for your complete peace of mind and maintain a robust framework of policies and procedures that details all our legal, physical, and technical controls.

To maintain your reputation, you must secure your data.

Combonet’s values include integrity and trust, these coupled with a passion for connecting the modern world, ensures that every security measure is put in place to prevent your data from being stolen, hacked or involved in fraudulent activities.


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