Deploy and manage eSIM profiles remotely

Deploy and manage eSIM profiles
remotely and securely with Combonet

The Combonet IoT Combus Connectivity Management Platform (CMP) provides a single window to manage connected IoT assets simply and securely across any network locally, regionally, or globally and supports any number of deployments.

Application Programming

Control all service functions from configuring sophisticated device data access rules to controlling the number of mobile operators.

Complete Transparency

Client visibility of real time information including Data Processing Behaviour, Operational Notifications, Reports, and Billing Information.

Optimum Connections

Combonet IoT APN is used to assign an IP address to the eSIM device and to determine the bi-directional authentication mechanism to use.

Powerful Analytics

Thing Data controls parameters such as Fair Usage Policies, Quality Control, Data Path, Usage Management and Data Package Enforcement.

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Our solutions are purpose built for large scale IoT applications with AAA rated carrier grade servers and extensive data capacity.

Embedded SIMs differ from traditional SIMs as they have built-in advanced SIM OS functions and additional secure memory to support remote over-the-air programming functions. We refer to embedded SIMs as eSIMs, but they can also be referred to as eUICCs.

Combonet’s remote provisioning capabilities of eSIM / eUICC is supported by GSMA standards.
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Cutting edge

security features

Embedded eSIMs are becoming essential future proof solutions for today’s IoT and M2M projects.

Combonet’s IoT CMP secures data in transit with additional measures including mutual authentication, secure download, and device-initiated communication to prevent unauthorised control or access from an external source. For applications with sensitive data, users can add an optional VPN tunnel to extend their private operator network security.

These functions enable mobile operators, service providers, and integrators to offer enterprise customers a state-of-the-art tool for complete visibility and control over their connected assets and applications.

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eSIM is the future of

IoT and M2M deployment

Combonet’s Smart SIM & eSIM technology provides high bandwidth whilst dynamically identifying the strongest available network.

In its traditional form, the information necessary for a user/device to join a network including the Subscriber Identity, is stored in the removeable SIM. But with an eSIM solution the challenges associated with changing networks, plans, and devices are eliminated.

This embedded hardware means that you don’t have to wait for a new SIM card, request a PAC code, or wait for your device to change over to the new network.

With an eSIM the entire set up process is quick and easy. There’s no unnecessary waiting, instead the only action you need to take is to request the move and your Subscriber Identity will automatically be set up for you on your new network.

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