High quality footage capturing live events

Maximising drone technology
with innovative SIM technology

Combonet’s technology is the power behind the ultimate visual experience. Flawless streaming of 4K data supports real time outdoor broadcasting, special surveillance operations, surveying projects and public safety.

Reduce Costs

Optimise deployments with a single management platform and no extra roaming costs.

Smart Connectivity

Eliminate coverage gaps with redundant routes to multiple networks.

Global Streaming

Experience the highest level of visual capabilities with 4k streaming technology.

// Technology to complement your operations

Exceptional drone footage

with flawless streaming capabilities

As we continue to evolve, the development of cutting edge technology is allowing us to better understand the world we live in.

Drones are fast becoming essential pieces of kit to carry out inspections and surveys, monitor specific areas, collect data, and to transmit high quality aerial images and live video footage.

Drone footage also elevates safety measures and helps protect assets in almost all sectors, from remote wind farms to large outdoor festivals. Incorporating this technology into your day-to-day operations will enhance your organisation’s processes and efficiencies.

// Delivering intelligent insight

Taking oversight to the

next level with real time drone footage

Transmitting 4K video directly to personnel such as control room operators and emergency responders provides the ultimate real time information enabling professionals to make the optimum decisions in seconds.

Investing in Combonet’s Smart SIM or eSIM gives you access to 500+ tier 1 4G/5G partner networks in 180+ countries with no roaming costs and seamless high-speed connectivity.

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Combonet’s Smart eSIM technology provides high bandwidth whilst dynamically identifying the strongest available network instantly.

With access to multiple routes to multiple networks in most countries, the technology automatically connects to the highest quality option to eliminate any coverage gaps without the user incurring any additional roaming costs.

Scale globally with a single Smart SIM or eSIM to access 500+ tier 1 partner networks in 180+ countries with no roaming costs. You’re assured of operator independence and no roaming restrictions.

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