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Launch of a Critical Broadband Service

Meep, a subsidiary of Elbit Systems, and Entropia are building a Critical Broadband Service.

Israel, Tel Aviv, May 1, 2023

Meep Ltd., an Elbit Systems subsidiary (NASDAQ: ESLT) (TASE: ESLT), and Entropia, have entered a long-term strategical partnership to further develop an international critical broadband service based on Meep's Push to Talk Over Cellular networks (PTToC) communication solution - Synch™ combined with Entropia's mission-critical TETRA control room management platform, ComBus®.

The new service uses Meep's Synch™ communications technology, in combination with Entropia's management platform, ComBus® and its broadband multi network technology solution, Combonet®, to enable broadband critical connectivity in multiple countries.

The new broadband service, Combonet®, enables (public) safety and emergency services, industry, maritime and logistics players to access the latest communication technologies, enabling them to respond better and faster to emergencies and other critical situations.

Synch™ and ComBus® are applications designed to manage collaboration between all members of operational teams and employees. Frontline workers get a combination of a walkie-talkie, messaging app, location and map device, and incident management platform as an all-in-one reliable service. The new critical broadband solution also offers a range of benefits including data transfer, video streaming, IoT and drone connectivity, push-to-talk, push-to-video and other applications that require reliable connectivity. The solution is based on the combined technology of Entropia’s ComBus® and know how of Elbit Systems Group in the defense communication and Command & Control fields.

The platform is very secure, end-to-end encrypted and extremely reliable. Alongside to Entropia's TETRA network, which covers approximately 70,000 square kilometers in Belgium, the Netherlands and the offshore, MeepTM and Combonet® now offer SynchTM and ComBus® technology as an additional critical broadband service on mobile smartphones. The new broadband solution is already offered through generic app stores in 176 countries. The service is built using state-of-the-art technology and features a geographically redundant infrastructure to ensure maximum uptime and reliability. It is also possible to integrate the broadband application into external software platforms via a ‘bot interface’. (Bots are software designed to automate tasks and functions at your business.)


Haim Teichholtz, CEO of Meep

“Both organizations have already been involved in several challenging tenders together and said that Entropia is a strong asset to Meep in their mission-critical approach to communications network solutions.”


Philip Vercruysse, CEO of Entropia

“The collaboration with Meep is very professional and we have been working to this moment together behind the scenes for more than a year. The culture is like Entropia technology driven and it is very nice that the same long-term vision is shared.”

About Meep

Meep Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Elbit Systems (Israel) (NASDAQ: ESLT) (TASE: ESLT), with its Synch Communication® solution enables instant communication via voice, text, video and location with any user, group, device apps and data over cellular and Wi-Fi. By embedding the app space, managers can always stay in control and organizations experience a dramatic improvement in their team's efficiency, productivity and safety.