Flawless connections to your IoT assets

Achieve meaningful, and continuous
insight for greater efficiency

In today’s marketplace, business analytics is an essential tool. To future-proof the success of your organisation you must have the capability to continually assess your business’ performance and identify its strengths and weaknesses.

IoT-Enabled Solutions

Our Combonet Cloud platform makes managing many M2M SIM cards easy.

Always Connected

Gain and maintain a competitive edge with Combonet’s intelligent solution to continually perform.

Reduce Costs

Optimise deployments with a single management platform & one point of accountability.


Identify trends and create

strategies with accurate real time analytics

Business intelligence using analytical solutions provides you with the information needed to make the ultimate data-driven decisions. It empowers you to respond quickly and adapt with ease. This agility is key to delivering the optimum customer service, increasing revenue, improving efficiencies, planning for the future, and boosting productivity.

Combonet’s smart eSIM connects you to your IoT assets to become a conduit to your valuable analytical data.

The practices, tools and services associated with automated data analysis help you to understand what is happening in your business and why. It's the foundation of success in most sectors as the continuous analytics automates their planning and processes saving them time and money.

Our global network operates under a strict quality of service (QoS) guarantee, ensuring continuous connection with your assets.

Turn your preventative maintenance service

into predictive maintenance

With a Combonet eSIM you experience flawless connectivity to your machine data with no additional cost per month to remotely monitor your assets.

To save time and money your personnel will have the data needed to accurately predict when and which machine parts need to be serviced without deploying a member of staff to perform onsite checks.


Ready to Connect?

We have the perfect fit

Combonet’s Smart SIM & eSIM technology provides high bandwidth whilst dynamically identifying the strongest available network.

With access to multiple routes to multiple networks in most countries, the technology automatically connects to the highest quality option to eliminate any coverage gaps without the user incurring any additional roaming costs.

Scale globally with a single Smart SIM or eSIM to access 500+ tier 1 partner networks in 180+ countries with no roaming costs. You’re assured of operator independence and no roaming restrictions.

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