Optimising commercial and domestic security

Intelligent solutions
that prioritise your safety

In the event of a security breach or fire alarm, wireless connected systems immediately trigger remote notifications with a guaranteed Quality of Service. The Combonet network provides ultimate end to end performance by prioritising real time services such as live video whilst dynamically identifying the strongest available carrier network.

Elevate Data Collection

Protect and control assets while experiencing the ultimate level of safety.

Improve Decision Making

End to end visibility of valuable live data empowers you to take action fast.

Reduce operational costs

Eliminate disruption to service, reduce repair costs and increase revenue.

Preventative measures

Stop an incident with live data and the power to control assets remotely.

// Advanced visibility for ultimate safety

Ground-breaking solutions

designed to make safety visible

With its limitless IoT reach it is possible to assemble an ecosystem of connectivity to support mechanised services, for example, you can control your ventilation systems and door locks remotely.

For full situational awareness, Combonet’s SIM & eSIM IoT gateway solutions connect security cameras with dedicated control rooms and individual users.

Systems fitted with wireless capabilities do not require a property or an estate to have fixed telecoms line, or associated WiFi, to provide outside connectivity.

Systems can remain stand alone making them less vulnerable to professional thieves who are known to cut power and telecom feeds before breaking and entering.

// Security solutions with built-in intelligence

Telemetry with uninterrupted

connection to elevate surveillance operations

Combonet’s solution ensures the transmission of real time video feeds with fast control telemetry for your camera equipment.

Fast control data and high quality images enables AI technologies such as facial recognition to be combined with other security focused services to provide a truly comprehensive wraparound security solution.

Our IoT smart connectivity solutions use bi-directional authentication to ensure only authorised devices gain access with encryption to protect data while in transit and maximise uptime.

Embedding Combonet's services guarantees that you experience the optimum performance and results – with no fuss and complete peace of mind. Cutting edge security systems are now being developed to use with embedded services that don’t require any add on GSM dialler modules.

// Transforming business efficiencies

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Combonet’s Smart SIM & eSIM technology provides high bandwidth whilst dynamically identifying the strongest available network.

With access to multiple routes to multiple networks in most countries, the technology automatically connects to the highest quality option to eliminate any coverage gaps without the user incurring any additional roaming costs.

Scale globally with a single Smart SIM or eSIM to access 500+ tier 1 partner networks in 180+ countries with no roaming costs. You’re assured of operator independence and no roaming restrictions.

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