Combonet is the sister company of ComBus and Entropia

Europe’s leading experts in
mission critical communications

All three companies deliver diverse offerings but share the same passion, integrity, and enthusiasm to connect human to human, human to machine, and machine to machine to create a safer, greener, more sustainable world where communities enjoy the highest quality of life.

Innovation to inspire

Meaningful solutions to ensure continuous connectivity.

Unique partnerships

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The power to improve with

transformational SIM technology

Combonet’s Professional Services Team are committed to deliver the most comprehensive and high-performance solutions to all of our valued partners and customers.

The technology that exists within Combonet’s SIM solutions delivers unparalleled peace of mind as it automatically identifies the nearest, strongest network to connect to.

No more loss of signal to stop you in your tracks.

Combonet fuels your devices to remain operational allowing professionals all over the globe to receive and transmit real time voice and data communications empowering them to continually fulfil their roles to the maximum – to help societies thrive – to shape the future we all strive for.

A vibrant heritage to

ensure your future success

ComBus’ advanced applications connect the modern world by providing the ultimate real time communication system.

As a Combonet client, you’ll benefit from our sister company’s advanced feature-rich Broadband Push-to-Talk and mobility apps. These apps can be operated over your own broadband and WiFi installations whilst on site. Your personnel will also be able to utilise the innovative apps remotely by accessing the 4G/5G cellular network.

Bringing the power of these two companies together results in guaranteed continuous connectivity.

Entropia’s proven network reliability combined with ComBus’ innovative communications solutions led us to establish Combonet. The ultimate destination to unite personnel, to keep data secure, to receive and transmit critical data with complete operator independence and no roaming charges.

For The Ultimate Real Time Communication System

ComBus’ advanced feature-rich Broadband Push-to-Talk applications will amplify your operations, safety, and efficiencies as they can be utilised on site via your own broadband and Wi-Fi installation, and when working remotely through access to the Global 4G and 5G connectivity. Combining these elements facilitates continual coverage seamlessly.

Push-to-Talk Apps

Achieving the ultimate anywhere, anytime voice and data access with interoperability, business critical priority and security your team demands.

Ultimate Cloud Dispatch

Real time critical data to power your control room. Flawless connectivity to provide complete situational awareness.

Worker Safety Apps

Our smart technology has been developed to deliver exactly what you need to keep your personnel connected and safe at any location.

Save costs, and transform business models

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