Eliminate downtime with redundant IP routing

Protect your business continuity from the vulnerabilities of single-connection failure

To thrive, businesses must maintain performance, even when their network experiences disruption or failure. Combonet’s solution automatically reroutes your bi-directional data for flawless operations.

Artificial Intelligence

Combonet’s link management applications use AI to monitor link paths and data continuity.

Customised Control

Set threshold parameters such as minimum tolerated speed and preferred secondary carrier.

Always Connected

Gain and maintain a competitive edge with Combonet’s intelligent solution to continually perform.

// Maintain momentum and speed

Automation to support your

business continuity

Redundant IP routing is a sophisticated network arrangement with several available link paths to connect any number of assets.

In the event of a link disruption, or should you experience a slowing of data speed, Combonet’s fully automated process will immediately identify an alternative route allowing you and your employees to continue without disruption.

Using Artificial Intelligence, Combonet’s solution recognises when your service is weakened and instantly seeks the ultimate reroute.

In today’s world, businesses cannot afford to be stopped or slowed down, but by incorporating cutting edge redundant IP routing into their business continuity strategy this concern can be eliminated.

// Optimise your business continuity

Remain in complete control

anytime, anywhere and on
any device

The combined benefits of Combonet’s leading IoT management platform with our global IoT reach and capabilities provide a complete end to end solution for all your IoT needs.

Scale globally with a single Smart SIM or eSIM to access 500+ tier 1 partner networks in 180+ countries with no roaming costs. You’re assured of operator independence and no roaming restrictions. Our service is future-proof and flexible. In many cases, it will lower your total cost of ownership.

One Management Platform

Combonet Cloud Management Platform provides a unified view and consistent experience.

Resilient Global Coverage

Combonet's 4G/5G SIM or eSIM provides access to 500+ tier 1 partner networks in 180+ countries.

Maximising capabilities

In your sector

By embracing all technologies that are now available to us, and exploring ways to optimise them, we can bring people together at all times without compromise.

Save costs, and transform business models

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