transform your broadcasting capabilities

Harness the power of a virtually
global cellular broadband

Cellular data technology is transforming media production. Previously, outside broadcasting was reliant on expensive satellite technology. Today, 4G and 5G cellular networks are enabling high quality, ultra-low latency streaming from almost any location.

Reduce Costs

Optimise deployments with a single management platform & one point of accountability.

Smart Connectivity

Eliminate coverage gaps with redundant routes to multiple networks.

IoT-Enabled Solutions

Strengthen your operations & empower your personnel to fulfil their roles to the max.

// Capturing real time action

Technology to elevate

media opportunities

It is now possible to capture and livestream video footage using 4K cameras without the need for large on-site production crews. As a result, broadcasters can create better-quality imagery, at lower costs, while covering a wider range of events live from the scene.

Livestreaming 4K video requires high data speeds to prevent buffering, disruptions, or slow start times. Combonet’s Smart SIM technology provides high bandwidth whilst dynamically identifying the strongest network options available in Real Time with multiple routes to multiple networks to eliminate any coverage gaps. This does not incur any additional roaming costs and guarantees the highest quality of service.

// Delivering intelligent insight

Taking broadcasting to the

next level with Real Time drone footage

Combonet’s technology makes it possible for drones to support outdoor broadcasting, special surveillance operations and surveying projects. The streaming of 4k data from the active drone provides the ultimate visual experience.

Global 4G/5G Connectivity

Access 500+ tier 1 partner networks in 180+ countries with no roaming costs.

// Complementary Apps

For The Ultimate Real Time Communication System

To further enhance your operations, safety, and efficiencies, you’ll benefit from the innovative services provided by our sister company, ComBus. Their advanced feature-rich Broadband Push-to-Talk applications can be utilised on site via your own broadband and Wi-Fi installation, and also when working remotely through access to the Global 4G and 5G connectivity. Combining these elements facilitates continual coverage seamlessly.

To make our solution accessible to everyone, our apps are available for IOS and Android.


Push-to-Talk Apps

Achieving the ultimate anywhere, anytime voice and data access with interoperability, business critical priority and security your team demands.

Ultimate Cloud Dispatch

Real time critical data to power your control room. Flawless connectivity to provide complete situational awareness.

Worker Safety Apps

Our smart technology has been developed to deliver exactly what you need to keep your personnel connected and safe at any location.

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Scale globally with a single Smart SIM or eSIM to access 500+ tier 1 partner networks in 180+ countries with no roaming costs.

You’re assured of operator independence and no roaming restrictions. Our service is future-proof and flexible. In many cases, it will lower your total cost of ownership. Combonet’s Smart SIM technology provides high bandwidth whilst dynamically identifying the strongest available network instantly. With access to multiple routes to multiple networks in most countries, the technology automatically connects to the highest quality option to eliminate any coverage gaps without the user incurring any additional roaming costs.

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By embracing all technologies that are now available to us, and exploring ways to optimise them, we can bring people together at all times without compromise.

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